Depletion Magnitude

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Marty Hinz MD Medical Foods™

Medical Food For the management of hyposerotonergic™ conditions

Application #1: The management of SSRI-induced serotonin depletion™

Drugs that work with neurotransmitters do not work if there are not enough neurotransmitters.™

The only way to increase the synthesis of the total number of serotonin molecules in the central nervous system is by administering the required nutrients.™

Platelets contain 99% of whole blood serotonin1

Medical science literature documents the magnitude of SSRI-induced serotonin depletion:

  • SSRIs may deplete 80% of platelet serotonin in two weeks2
  • SSRIs may deplete 90% of platelet serotonin in three weeks3
  • Eventually lab assay of platelet serotonin may become undetectable4

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